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Just in time for the four Dallas-Fort Worth Red Mountain Weight Loss® clinic grand openings, the company is proud to announce their partnership with local radio icon Kellie Rasberry of the Kidd Kraddick Show Morning Show on 106.1 KISS FM. Rasberry’s husband Allen Evans is also participating.

“For 22 years we have successfully treated tens of thousands of patients in Arizona,” said Red Mountain Weight Loss® Founder and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Suzanne Bentz. “I went to undergrad and medical school in North Texas, so I am no stranger to the area, but our company is brand new to residents. We needed a way to prove to DFW that Red Mountain Weight Loss® is the real deal. We knew we had to find the right partners that not only talked the talk but walked the walk. Partnering with Kellie and Allen is a win for all. We are giving them the tools for success, and they are all improving their health.”

Bentz met one-on-one with Rasberry and Evans during a recent pre-opening trip to DFW. They discussed their specific health, lifestyle needs and weight loss goals. After completing a full analysis, including lab work, Bentz put them both on an individualized version of her signature RM3® Program. RM3® is a 3-step comprehensive program designed to help patients lose weight rapidly and keep it off over time. RM3® starts with Step 1: Weight Loss Window that includes multiple features such as:

  • Monthly office visit with a Red Mountain Weight Loss® medical provider.
  • Proprietary, patented prescription medications designed to accelerate weight loss
  • Specific diet plan that includes recommended daily protein intake as well as a list of meal plan options
  • Weekly Fat Burner Weight Loss Shots
  • App access to validated RM recipes using real food
  • Medical-grade vitamins and supplements to aid in successful weight loss


Once patients – including Rasberry and Evans – reach their goal, they move to Step 2: Transition Month. The transition month is appropriately named as patients transition off the proprietary prescription medications and adjust to a new, expanded diet plan, preparing patients for the next step. Finally, in Step 3: Lifetime Maintenance, individuals are given a brand-new, individualized diet plan and other recommended tools to sustain their weight loss over time.

With a month of medical weight loss under their now-loosening belts, Rasberry and Evans have experienced the benefits of Red Mountain Weight Loss.

“I just can’t believe it,” said Rasberry. “I am amazed at the change so fast. My husband and I are doing this together, and we both agree that we haven’t felt this good in years. We don’t feel deprived, we eat real food, and we have more energy than before.”


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