Five Ways to Celebrate National Women’s Health and Fitness Day

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National Women’s Health and Fitness Day is the last Wednesday in September, and we’re here to celebrate the #RedMountainWay!

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Healthy Women

National Women’s Health and Fitness Day is the last Wednesday in September, and we’re here to celebrate the Red Mountain Way!

According to the CDC, two-thirds of U.S. women are caregivers who provide regular support to others, but unfortunately, caregivers are at a greater risk for poorer mental and physical health. If you’re suffering from poor mental or physical health, it’s never too late to start a healthier lifestyle. Embrace self-love and self-care with these tips:

Try a New Sport

Are you addicted to spin class but have always been curious about yoga? Or love hiking but have always wanted to try HIIT? Now is your chance! Check out our Red Mountain HIIT E-book for ideas, too.

Try Our New Supplement, RM Ignite!

RM Ignite™ is specially formulated to boost metabolism and energy levels. Other benefits include:

  • Optimal and accelerated fat burning
  • Reduced fatigued
  • Improved mental acuity

Try RM Ignite™ to ignite your excitement for National Women’s Health and Fitness Day!

Snack on Superfoods

Dark leafy greens are packed with nutrients like folate, zinc, calcium, iron, fiber, and vitamin C. Berries are a source of antioxidants. There are many superfoods to choose from, so fill up!

Stay Hydrated

Drink eight glasses of water a day, and add fruits for flavor. Eat water-rich fruits and vegetables that have high water content to supplement your diet, like strawberries, pineapples, cucumbers, and tomatoes.

Take a Power Nap

According to the Sleep Foundation, power naps that last 10-20 minutes are the ideal length. Benefits of napping include regulating emotions, aiding memory function, and reducing sleepiness.

Bonus Tip: Ask a Friend to Work Out

You’re more likely to be motivated and consistent with workouts when you have a workout partner. Even if you usually like to fly solo, mix it up with a partner to cheer you on. RM Fitness Expert Anita Terlizzi has created a workout series to help you get fit the Red Mountain Way.

Looking for more ways to celebrate National Women’s Health and Fitness Day? Try these workouts from RM Fitness Expert Anita Terlizzi.


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