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Weight Loss Summer Challenge | Red Mountain Weight Loss

Are you ready to have your healthiest, happiest summer? Summer is filled with sunny days, vacations away, and fun all day. But summer is also a time filled with temptation. From ice cream cones to summer barbeques, you will face many challenges that may put you off track your weight loss journey. Instead of derailing your progress, create your best summer memories and be your best self with our 30 Days of Summer Challenge.

From fun activities like going on a bike ride, to experimenting with new RM recipes, to picking up fresh produce that’s RM3®-approved, there’s plenty to do in 30 days! Some recipes and resources to look forward to in this challenge, include: RM Orange Lime Mojito mocktails, RM Grilled Salmon with Kale Saute, 3 Quick & Easy Exercise Circuits, and the RM Get Fit with HIIT eBook. Links are below.

Let’s make this summer, one to remember. Track your memories on social media using #RedMountainSummerChallenge. We love to see your photos and your progress. Ready to do this? Let’s live your best in mind, body, and soul.

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