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Filling you in on filler | What to expect when receiving Juvéderm®

By: Tracy Bowers, Aesthetic RN Injector

Dermal filler has been around for decades and is most commonly used in the face to help replace the volume loss caused by aging.

Dermal filler, when done correctly should be invisible to the eye. We have all seen the obvious, over exaggerated cheeks, lips, etc. on someone. Often patients wonder if that is what they will look like with filler. It’s not! This is one of the biggest misconceptions. Most of these people who have obvious, over inflated areas of the face have received too much filler and/or may actually have an implant. Sometimes both.

Filler is your friend! I love to use filler to create symmetry in the face. No two sides are the same…everyone is asymmetrical. The more symmetry your face has, the more beautiful it is to the eye. The most beautiful people are those that are the most symmetrical!

Starting in our early 30’s, we lose close to 3ml of bone and tissue from our face each year. Each vial of filler contains 1ml, which is less than 1/4 teaspoon of product. That is a very small amount! I encourage anyone over the age of 30, to try and maintain their face volume by doing 2-3 syringes a year. In the cheek area, we use filler to lift the lower face and give balance.

Somewhere between 1-4 syringes are needed for total correction dependent on an individual’s age and volume loss. Sometimes referred to as a “liquid face lift” filler is placed strategically in the lateral cheek area of the face to help pull and lift the mid face.

In the lips (they lose volume with age) one syringe will not give you an over filled look. The size of each individuals’ natural lips plays a role in the outcome and the injector should be able to assess the amount of volume you will have at the end of the treatment.

Some quick facts about our Juvéderm® fillers:

One syringe is less than 1/4 teaspoon.

Something to keep in mind, all of our Juvéderm® fillers are reversible if needed.

Hyaluronic acid is the main ingredient in Juvéderm® fillers. We all make our own hyaluronic acid naturally in our bodies.

Before your appointment, try not to take any Nsaids, fish oils, and alcohol. It will help decrease the chance of bruising. Schedule your appointment 2 weeks away from any photos, important dates, in case of bruising. A bruise has a lifecycle of about 2 weeks.

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