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Patricia S.
69 pounds lost

"They say “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and when I saw a picture of me at my daughter’s wedding this year, I knew it told a story"

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They say “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and when I saw a picture of me at my daughter’s wedding this year, I knew it told a story. The images in those wedding photos spoke that I had let my weight get out of control. I had said many times over the years that I needed to do something. My feet hurt almost constantly and if I sat for any amount of time, when I stood I would limp from stiffness and pain. Even my doctor was starting to stress blood sugar and blood pressure levels were starting to become a problem. I knew the key to feeling better was losing weight. I had tried many diets along the way, but nothing was successful. I would start a plan, lose a few pounds and then plateau. When I hit the plateau there I would sit not moving and I eventually would give up seeing little to no change in my weight.

I knew this time it had to be different. I researched and found the RM3® program. I thought that this program had all the components that would support me to be successful in losing weight. The plan told you what to eat and how much, and it provided support and accountability along the way. The plan was easy! I never felt alone. In fact, the food on the plan wasn’t any different than what I had been eating for most of my adult life, especially when I was trying to lose weight. On this diet, I actually ate a lot more protein and was very satisfied.

I followed the rules daily and I started to see success. I even began using their app that helped you track your food and water intake and to search for new recipes. At first I didn’t want to eat out, but life events occur. I began planning how I could stay on the RM3® plan without sabotaging myself and before I knew it I had some strategies for attending these events that would have food choices. I can say that I made it through Thanksgiving and all the Christmas parties without gaining a single pound. In fact, I lost weight!

I am so thankful for the RM3® program and the doctors & staff that were involved. I couldn’t have done it without you.

"To date I have lost a total of 69 pounds in less than 6 months. I am not only thinner, but more flexible. I am no longer stiff and in pain. My feet don’t hurt, and I have way more energy. I can’t believe how different my life is!"

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