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Michael D.
50 pounds lost

"My biggest motivation in life is my three beautiful children; they need their father to be healthy, strong and alive."

Michael before his weight loss journey as a weight loss clinic patient


Michael's after weight loss program results


I just turned 31 in April. Although I thought that I was supposed to be in my prime, I realized that I was actually at my lowest.

I served in the military for 7 years, was very athletic growing up, and have always been tall and slim. However, after leaving the military, I gained weight and fell into a depression — I went from 218 pounds to 294 in span of 5 years. I started experiencing severe back pain, deep stretch marks, foot pain, poor sleep, and really low energy. I had no desire to do anything but eat and sleep. I thought to myself, “If don’t make a change I am going to eventually be 300 pounds and my health is going to be an issue.” My poor eating habits and unhealthy weight gain could not continue.

My biggest motivation in life is my three beautiful children; they need their father to be healthy, strong and alive.

I feared slowly losing my life and time with my children, so I made a decision to start eating better and getting back into the gym. However, all of a sudden we were on lock down and gyms were closed when the pandemic hit.

I was so blessed to have met a coworker of mine who has lost weight with the help of Red Mountain Weight Loss. Other coworkers of mine would rave about how great she looked and what Red Mountain had done for her. So, after meeting her and hearing her story, I signed up. I have been so blessed to participate in this program and reap the benefits. My family, friends and coworkers are all very excited for my journey and can see the change it has made in my life.

Red Mountain Weight Loss has changed my life and I am positive that the team there can do the same for anyone else seeking a major life change.

"Today, I have no back pain, no foot pain, zero depression, I get amazing sleep, have amazing energy, love my diet, and I am happy with the person I see in the mirror and I have amazing energy."

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