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78.6 pounds lost

"I discovered that I was not eating so much for nourishment as I was for emotional support. Food temporarily filled my “lack of” or “insufficient” mentality."


Allen after weight loss program results


Looking back through time since my high school graduation, I have observed a steady weight gain take place from my 1971 weight of 165 lbs to my 2015 obese self of 262 lbs. Over the years I have had several cycles of losing a few pounds and then gaining even more back. No lasting results were ever achieved.

I have often wondered why I have had so many failures with my own effort at weight loss. I would of course blame the diet and then myself. But, feeling guilty all the time was just not emotionally healthy. Finally, I just gave up, and mentally released myself from the delusion that I knew what I doing or that I could do it all by myself. I decided to turn my weight loss goal over to a group of professionals that actually had experience dealing with “failures” like me. With this surrender came a renewed determination to change my lifestyle and eating habits permanently. I discovered that I was not eating so much for nourishment as I was for emotional support. Food temporarily filled my “lack of” or “insufficient” mentality.

The first few weeks of the RM3® program was a challenging exercise in letting go of old eating habits that had caused the steady weigh gain and replacing them with new habits. These new habits gradually removed the excess weight and kept it off. One unanticipated benefit of the RM3® program is that it has forced me to re-evaluate my relationship with food and increase the amount of water I drink on a daily basis. These are now enduring habits I now “own”.

I will not say that this program is “a walk in the park.” It does require some determination and commitment to stay within the food guidelines; both quantities and categories. However, without the support, encouragement and accountability (weekly weighing in) I was provided I would not have reached my current weight of 178 lbs. A total of 84 lost pounds. Wow!! I am impressed with what has been accomplished!

Thank you for the RM3® program. It actually and absolutely works.

"I have experienced benefits such as discarding my “fat” clothes and replacing them with “skinny” clothes, being able to snow ski all day long now with energy left over at the end of the day, getting rid of the dull ache in my knees (I can now walk and jog for miles, when before I had very little desire or physical ability to do so), and I no longer have sleep apnea or require the use of a Bi-Pap machine."

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