How to Create a Morning Routine


Explore how a morning routine can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

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Are you the type of person who hits the snooze button every morning, rolls out of bed, grabs a cup of yogurt as you’re heading out the door, and feels like you’re playing catch-up the rest of the day? The reason you may be feeling this way is because of your hectic morning routine. With a more intentional morning routine that is customized for you, you can be more productive, set a better tone for the day, and even convert to being a morning person!

Why Set a Morning Routine?

Creating a morning routine allows you to take more control of your life. By being intentional, you’re automatically being proactive versus reactive. A morning routine allows you to start off strong in a positive way, and that has a ripple effect throughout the remainder of the day. Studies show that having a morning routine makes you more productive– since you are prioritizing your time; this in turn can also make you feel more confident. In addition, the mind-body connection is undeniable. If you start your day with a nourishing RM3®-approved breakfast, you’ll have energy to take on any challenges that may come up later.

Tips to Designing Your Morning Routine

Be consistent. Developing a daily routine is the same as developing a new habit, and eventually a lifestyle change. Make it a priority and commit to it every day for at least a month, making small tweaks along the way.

Be intentional. Think about how you want to use this sacred time. Do you want to work on a long-term goal, like your weight loss goal? Do you want to find peace in a noisy, chaotic household? Do you want to get your endorphins flowing with physical activity? Whatever you decide, should be customized to you.

Cherish the time. Whether it’s 10-15 minutes, or an hour, cherish this time. It’s your time, and it’s ever more crucial to your well-being because it is the beginning of the day. Remember that how you start your day will impact the rest of your day.

Inspiration for Your Morning Routine

Here’s a few ideas you can integrate into your morning routine:

  1. Prepare and eat a nourishing RM3-approved breakfast.
  2. Do light physical activity like yoga, walking, or stretching.
  3. Meditate and find inner calm. Silence the outside chaos.
  4. Read or write to get creative juices going.
  5. Practice gratitude by reflecting or journaling what you’re grateful for.
  6. Say your weight loss affirmations aloud and motivate yourself.
  7. Wake up at the same time every day, make sure to go to sleep early.
  8. Shut off all electronics if you want to disconnect.
  9. Review your calendar and prepare for your priorities.
  10. Have fun! This is your time!

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