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Goal Visualization

At times, the light at the end of the tunnel can seem dim, too far away, or completely nonexistent. It’s easy to give up, it can be appealing to put an abrupt end to any struggle you’re going through. It’s easier to say “I can’t” than “I can” when times get tough, but persistence is key.

When giving up seems like the best option, it’s time to make a change. Even if you haven’t gotten to that point yet, reminding yourself of why you’re doing what your doing can help you keep yourself afloat throughout your journey. Consider implementing one or all of these options to keep yourself in check:

Buy a “goal” outfit

Cliché? Yes. Effective? Also Yes. Everyone’s seen the pictures – you know, the ones of someone who has lost a significant amount of weight trying on an old pair of their pants, stretching out the waistband to show how far they’ve come; it’s every dieter’s dream. The problem with accomplishing this, though, is that you no longer have pants to fit into after the fact!

Take the same concept, flip it around, and instead purchase a great outfit for yourself in your goal size. As you approach your goal, the outfit of your dreams will become closer and closer within reach, motivating you to keep moving forward.

Take a trip down memory lane

Revisit your high-school yearbook, photos from your wedding day, or from whenever you feel will be the most beneficial. Remind yourself of old times, of why you began your health transformation in the first place. Putting yourself into the same mindset you were in when you first started is a great way to get your mind back in the place that it needs to be.

Create a mood board

Whether it be virtual, through Pinterest, or a literal board of printouts and magazine cutouts, create something you can easily look back at in times you need motivation. Include quotes, ‘goal pictures,’ and symbols of things you want for yourself as a reminder of what you’re pursuing. Have fun with it! Motivating yourself doesn’t have to be a chore.

Make a list of milestones

Instead of moseying your way on through your weight loss journey, going where the wind takes you, set specific, attainable milestones for you to reach – essentially miniature goals. When you list out a handful of small goals, as opposed to looking at one ominous goal down the road, it’s easier to keep yourself on the straight and narrow. Additionally, doing this forces you to stay mindful and be realistic about the pace of your weight loss journey.

Identify a role model

No matter what your goal is, find somebody that embodies said goal – a fit person with similar values, someone who preaches practicing good health, etc. Whether it’s a good friend or someone you found on social media, it all works similarly. As you follow this individual, identify the qualities you share and the qualities the other person exclusively possesses, and mindfully bridge the gap between the two. Role models have the power to change our ways of thinking – choose a good one.

Take “visualize” literally

Picture yourself stepping on to the scale: As you wait for your weight to register, your hands grow clammy with situational anxiety. The digits fluctuate back and forth, teasing, making you rethink every poor meal decision you’ve ever made. Finally, your final measurement is taken, and you’ve done it! You’ve hit your goal weight! You gasp in excitement, and throw your hands up in glee. The moment you’ve been waiting for has finally come.

Visualizing the actual moment of success reaffirms desired outcomes and strengthens will to overcome adversity. The more vivid the visualization, the better, because you will realize how worth it the struggle really is.


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