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The holidays have come around, and you give yourself credit for strategizing a plan for your family holiday meal. You’ll skip breakfast, lunch, and even snacks, so you can gorge yourself on delicious dishes during the evening. The problem with this strategy, also known as, “banking calories”, is that your body is not a bank. In fact, “banking calories” may hurt your body and your diet in more ways than one.

A study by the National Library of Medicine found that overeating after dieting can lead to bingeing, setting off a cycle of feast and famine. Regularly participating in binge eating, like when you have weekend “cheat days”, can result in long-term negative effects; these effects include raising your risk of cardiovascular disease, lowering your insulin resistance, and raising your risk of becoming overweight or obese.

But, let’s say you throw all caution to the wind and do end up binge eating during a holiday meal. What are the immediate effects on your body? They are unpleasant. After a large meal, the body goes into postprandial somnolence, also known as a food coma. A food coma means fatigue and inactivity, which is not great for your weight loss journey. In addition, binge eating can damage your liver and increase your blood sugars. After overeating, your pancreas will be working overtime to remove all excess sugar from your blood while your live is detoxifying food.

When it comes to holiday meals, think about your long-term goals and not short-term gains. With RM3®, we highly recommend eating consistent, small, healthy meals in order for your metabolism to work properly during the day, and holidays are not excluded! Certain foods and beverages, such as greens and water, are unlimited on the RM3®diet – so, feel free to fill up on these guilt-free items. In addition, taking supplements such as Carb Control and Crave Control will help curb your appetite and limit your cravings. Our newest supplements, Resist and Ignite, will boost your metabolism and give you the energy you need to overcome daily challenges.


Learn how to avoid binge eating with mindful eating and the H.A.L.T. technique!


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