10 Lessons Your Doctor Wants You to Know


The doctors of RM weighed in on their best advice to patients who are looking to build a healthier lifestyle in the new year.

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Top 10 Best Advice to Patients

The doctors of RM weighed in on their best advice to patients who are looking to build a healthier lifestyle in the new year:

Noelle Strunk, NP

“Remember that slip ups happen to all of us. The best thing you can do is to tell yourself it is okay and I will recommit to my goals tomorrow. Persistence and commitment to keep going is what helps patients succeed in their weight loss goals, not perfection.”

Monica Olson, CNP

“Remember the NSV (non-scale victories). When the scale isn’t moving, check to see how your clothes are fitting, how your energy level is, how you feel overall, how far you’ve come from the beginning. The scale isn’t the only thing that measures success in your weight loss journey. “

Kateryna Whitehurst, NP

“Do not compare your weight loss success to others. For some weight loss can be fast and for others it can be slower. There are many factors that can affect weight loss including gender, age, medications and medical history. Focus on your own journey, stick to the prescribed weight loss plan, and enjoy your weight loss results!”

DeeDee Garcia, FNP-C

“Don’t make excuses for bad behavior—would you allow your kids to make excuses?  Learn from the stumbles. Ask yourself: what lesson did it teach you?”

Valerie Roberts, NP

“Positive self talk and believing in the process can help you to achieve the unthinkable when it comes to your weight loss journey.”

Jacquelyn Sanchez, FNP-C

“Listening to our body is important, but sometimes when you have hunger at night it is the signal that you are thirsty and have not had enough water. “

Heather Wright, FNP-C

“Don’t compare yourself to your friends or spouse. We all have different metabolisms, muscle mass and activity levels. Someone may lose 5 pounds and with the same effort you only lost 2. This can become frustrating and set unrealistic expectations if you compare yourself to others.”

Jill Manng, NP

“Weight loss is never a straight road. There will be ups and downs throughout the journey, but it’s your response and how you learn from the “slips” that will determine your overall success.”

Lauren Davis, NP

“Consistency is truly key when it comes to weight loss! Once those new healthy habits become a routine they will become automatic and will help to not only achieve the desired weight loss goals, but also to maintain the weight long-term.”

Autumn Robeson, NP

“Keep a healthy snack, protein shake, or protein bar in the car. If you are running errands, shopping, get out late from work or a meeting, this gives you a fast, healthy snack option. Often, if we go too long without eating, we tend to overeat or eat off-plan.”

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