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You made a mistake, now what?

Life does not always go according to plan, which means that slip-ups can happen. In fact, it is completely normal and forgivable to make mistakes!

However, it is important to quickly implement the necessary actions to get back on track towards accomplishing your goals after something has gone wrong.

How to get back on track

When you experience a slip-up, you always have 2 choices: give up on your goals, or learn from your mistake. The power to change is in your hands!

Face the consequences

Don’t try and make excuses for your mistake. Instead, own up to what happened and take responsibility for your actions. It is important to recognize the mistake and how it happened so that you can avoid the same outcome in the future.

Revisit your routine

Take a moment to calm down, breathe, and let go of any feelings of panic or anxiety. As soon as possible, return to your regular way of doing things.

The consistency that a schedule or plan brings allows you to avoid stress and create balance. The sooner you return to your healthy lifestyle, the less likely it is for you to experience another slip-up.

Avoid negative self-talk

Beating yourself up is neither effective or motivating, as it can cause negative feelings that result in further slip-ups. As such, avoid any desire that you may have to call yourself mean words or terms, such as “failure,” or “disgusting”. Forgive yourself for your slip-up and accept reality for what it is.

Instead of speaking to yourself negatively, reflect on the positive aspects of your life and the good that you bring to the table! If you’re having a hard time thinking positively, use one of these mantras that we’ve collected for you:

10 kind things to remind yourself

  1. You are loved
  2. You are worthy
  3. You are in control
  4. You are capable
  5. You are going to succeed
  6. You are growing
  7. You are resilient
  8. You are a hard worker
  9. You are important
  10. You are strong