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WATCH: Avoiding Weight Gain During Quarantine | The Tim, Ben, & Brooke Show on KNIX

Managing your weight during these unprecedented times can be difficult. Stress, emotions, junk food and alcohol consumption are all factors that can result in unwanted weight gain, also known as the “quarantine 15”.

In order to help YOU avoid this, Chief Medical Officer and founder of Red Mountain Weight Loss, Dr. Suzanne Bentz, and CEO, Mark Bentz, sat down with Tim, Ben & Brooke from Phoenix radio station 102.5 KNIX to discuss options available at Red Mountain that are known to help keep unwanted weight gain from happening.

Dr. Bentz emphasizes the importance of following a balanced diet of lean proteins, fruits and vegetables. Bentz explains it is important to stick with your routines such as waking up at the same time, getting adequate sleep, exercising, and meal prepping.

“This has gone on long enough, and if this goes on any longer we really want to prevent any further weight gain or unhealthy habits”

Dr. Bentz recommends if you are having trouble reaching your goal weight on your own, to seek help from a medical professional to lose weight rapidly and safely. Red Mountain providers are specialized in weight loss to discuss the ideal diet plan for your specific needs & learn about programs like RM3 – a 3-step program with patented medication that can help you lose up to 20 pounds or more per month!

Red Mountain is offering video appointments with their medical providers so that you can get the help you need from home. Plus, for a limited time, all new patients can get 4 FREE Fat Burner PLUS Boosters — which can be delivered right to your door. Come out of quarantine looking and feeling your very best!