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Tishan K.

My Whole Life

Feels Lighter.

I was depressed and hid behind so many things because I was unhappy with myself.

I always looked for comfort in food instead of other things in which I could find joy and fulfillment. It was easier; it was the path of least resistance. My life revolved around daily bar visits and unhealthy food choices. I relied on humor to mask my weight so that no one noticed my size. I’d overthink my next joke because I wanted to be known as the funny girl, not the girl who was extra heavy.

Then COVID happened, and everything shut down. I had just moved into my apartment and didn’t know what to do. The bars had become my lifeline; I went there to cope with my life and weight and build my confidence. I felt depressed and unhappy with myself when the bars closed. Mentally, there was no motivation.

“I decided to finally do something about my weight because I knew if I didn’t change my lifestyle soon, I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy the life I wanted.”

I’ve tried many diets and methods over the years, but I knew that I needed a little extra help this time around. Red Mountain Weight Loss provided the tools for the results I needed to keep myself motivated. They changed my life by being accessible during a time when I felt isolated and alone.

The video appointments allowed me to get the support I needed and still meet my goals for the day. I was able to talk with someone in the middle of a workday at my desk or out in the middle of nowhere because I wanted to see the sunrise.

There was a lot of darkness and sadness. I didn’t know how to get out of the cycle.

During my journey, I surrounded myself with paintings of the places I wanted to go and the scenery I wanted to wake up to. My weight had always kept me from experiencing the life I wanted. Today, I’m an avid hiker and can’t wait to see what is over that next hill or at the end of the creek.



After I had reached my goal, it was pretty incredible to see the reaction of coworkers and friends who hadn’t seen me for a while. They didn’t recognize me or were just completely blown away at what I was able to achieve

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