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Maria C.

Never gives up

for her daughter

Ultimately, I'm the real me now. I don't need to hide anymore.

I’ve struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. I think I probably speak for most moms when I say that wearing many hats and having many different roles, and trying to be 100% for everybody just ends up making you feel inadequate. When you can’t fully accomplish the things that you want to do and feel like areas of your life are lacking, then you feel pretty down about yourself, and that absolutely impacts weight loss, that impacts motivation, and it had a lot to do with my weight loss journey.

I was the heaviest I’d ever been. I felt like a failure. 

The hardest thing of not having control of my health was feeling uncomfortable, really hiding, not wanting to be a part of things, and just wanting to hang in the background.

I had given up. I had the feeling of, “Well, this is how it’s going to be.” I just quit trying, didn’t love the way I looked, and I put myself last.

My ultimate goal is to be here as long as I can for my daughter.

I think most diets will initially work in the short term, but it’s the long-term results that matter. RM3® was important to me because I was able to eat real food. The program outlines the things you should be eating and the things that you shouldn’t be eating. It’s easy to follow and when you’re committed, it’s exciting.

My face was getting slimmer, my pants were already getting too big. In a month, I already had to get different sized clothes and then, as I continued down that path, I thought, ‘Who knew shopping could be fun?’

Right off the bat, I was pretty much down 30 pounds in two months. I thought, “You know what? I can do this another month.” And I kept resetting my goal. Since beginning my journey with RM3®, I’ve lost 85 pounds and am the healthiest I’ve ever been!

I’m teaching my daughter better habits by making the focus about being healthy as opposed to calorie counting.



When you’re heavier, you’re always cracking jokes so that people won’t look at you. Not anymore. I’m definitely more comfortable in my own skin.

Ultimately, I’m the real me now. I don’t need to hide anymore.

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