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Heather W.

The person hiding

finally came out.

I was addicted to food and how it made me feel better. In the long run I didn't feel better.

When I went back to school to become a nurse practitioner, I knew that that was the time to become healthier. I had used food to cope with the depression. You’re large but it’s almost like you’re invisible. People won’t look at you or pay attention to you. I didn’t love myself or my body, so I couldn’t offer that love to someone else and be a good partner or friend.

When I started working at Red Mountain Weight Loss I was still heavy and in the morbid obesity category. I then began RM3® and saw patients at the same time. This allowed me to connect with them on a deeper level because I could empathize with their struggles and challenges.

Patients tell me all the time that I understand what they’re going through. It gives us a different bond so that I can help them achieve their goals.

The accountability was what I really needed, and the ability to lose weight quickly helped motivate me to achieve a healthier lifestyle. I see a lot of patients who have tried other diets with little to no results. I’ve been in their shoes before and can truly say that Red Mountain Weight Loss has given me my life back. I weighed 322 pounds at my heaviest and have lost 137 pounds and kept it off for six years.

I always felt like I had to prove myself.

The day I reached my goal weight, I took a picture and sent it to Dr. Bentz. It was on a Saturday morning, and I just said, “thank you.” She made a medication that has changed my life. And so many others.

Today, my lifestyle is drastically different. I’ve hiked the Grand Canyon and completed a 15K — I never thought I’d run unless someone chased me, let alone do it for fun. I now look at physical activities as a fun challenge that I’m up for instead of something I’m scared of.



I always thought I was a fairly confident person, at least on the outside, but now I really feel it on the inside too.

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