“Over the last few years we had both experienced a significant weight increase, to a point where it was affecting not only our health but our happiness. The joys found in family events, dinners with friends, and traveling were overshadowed by our increasing weight concerns and declining health. We were unsuccessful in our attempts to lose the weight on our own and knew we needed help. The advertisements on the radio for the RM3® program peaked our interest. After meeting with the knowledgeable medical staff we decided to start the RM3® program together. We immediately started seeing results. We stayed on the program for three months, went on RM Lifestyle for one month, went back on the diet for two more months and followed the lifestyle guide for the final three weeks. At the we had lost a combined total of more than 150 lbs. We both have been able to reduce or eliminate daily medications as a result of healthier eating and increased exercise. We have more positive attitudes and increased confidence, which affects all aspects of both our lives. Several friends and co-workers started the RM3® program based on the positive results they saw in our lives. It’s now been one year since we started our journey and we’re still going strong. Thank you RM3® for helping us to improve our lives so dramatically!”