“I have been struggling with my weight for most of my life. The biggest struggle for me was taking pictures — I hated taking pictures because I was always my biggest critic. Going shopping was also a challenge because I wanted to be in the pretty small clothes and the ones that were my size just weren’t stylish to me.
I have done several different diets that I found online, but they never seemed to work. I’d end up losing about 10 pounds but then gain it all back and some. I just didn’t know how to eat healthy or to exercise correctly.
In November of 2016 I moved from Indiana to Arizona not only for a new start, but to become more active. Losing the weight for me was not only for vanity, but also it was for my overall heath, so I was determined to get my lifestyle in check. I received an awesome position at Red Mountain Weight Loss and began my new life. When I started here I had no idea that it was going to change my life and point me in the direction that I want to go in, but it did and I am so thankful for it.
Meeting Dr. Bentz and Dr. Messer was truly a blessing. Not only have I lost weight, I also found the person that I was so many years ago. I went from wearing stretch pant and t-shirts to trendy, fashionable clothes. The depression I carried when I was overweight has been completely removed. I have more energy and more confidence. Coming from 238 down to 137 pounds has been an extraordinary experience. Getting dressed has become much easier and quicker. I used to choose clothes based on how they hid my stomach, but now clothes fit me so much better and I can wear what I want with confidence. When I visited my family in Indiana, they were amazed by my transformation. They also desired information on the RM3 program, but I told them that they would have to make the move to Arizona or wait for us to expand so they could experience the same life change that I did.
I would definitely recommend Red Mountain Weight Loss to everyone. While talking to current patients and future patients I always share my Red Mountain Weight Loss success story. Losing weight is hard, especially after a certain age. You have to have your mind made up and have to be motivated that you are ready for a change, but Red Mountain Weight Loss teaches you the skills necessary to be successful. Being a part of Red Mountain has been a weight loss journey, but even more so a life journey. I now enjoy sharing with my family and friends on how important it is to be heathy. Looking back at where I started, there’s no way I’m gone back. When you are happy with your appearance it shows inside and out.”