10 HIIT circuits that will get you fit!

HIIT exercises focus on exerting maximum effort for a minimal amount of time. RM Fitness Expert & Certified Personal Trainer, Anita Terlizzi, has developed 10 HIIT circuits you can do two or three times a week!

“Your desire to change must be greater than you desire to stay the same!”
-Anita Terlizzi, RM Fitness Expert & Certified Personal Trainer

Download and print our FREE EBOOK to find HIIT exercises, including step-by-step instructions for how to do innovative movements, such as:

  • Jump Squats
  • Caterpillar Walk-Out
  • Pop Squats
  • Scorpion Pushup

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*Always consult with your medical provider before beginning a new fitness routine. Patients following the RM3® program should limit their exercise to 30 minutes of low-impact activity per day.

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