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Deck of Cards Workout Circuit

Known as the “Quarantine 15,” many people have experienced weight gain as a result of decreased activity levels and increased snacking during the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, RM Fitness Expert & Certified Personal Trainer, Anita Terlizzi, shared one of her favorite 10-minute exercise circuits that you can do at home.

Deck of Cards Circuit

Grab a deck of cards, remove the face cards, and place the remainder of the deck upside-down. When you flip each card over, you will see a number and a symbol: heart, spade, diamond or club. The number on the card will represent the amount of repetitions that you will complete, while the symbol will indicate which movement you do.

Set a timer for 10 minutes and follow the key below for a quick, easy workout circuit. Allow yourself :30 seconds of rest between movements.

*Patients on the RM3® weight loss program should limit their workout regimen to 30 minutes per day. Always consult with your medical provider before beginning a new fitness routine.

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