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Dr Kim: Procrastination < Motivation

Written by: Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Kim Feinstein, RedMountain Weight Loss’s Behavioral Weight Loss Specialist   What is Procrastination? The avoidance of doing a task that you want or need to accomplish. This avoidance most likely leads to feelings of guilt, self-doubt, depression, inadequacy, and shame. These feelings typically lead us in a downward spiral, which … Continue reading Dr Kim: Procrastination < Motivation

NYE Drink Guide
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(RM3 and HCG Approved) NYE Drink Guide

It’s time to celebrate 2015 before we enter 2016! Hopefully you have your party plans set, outfits picked out and resolutions chosen. We understand that the hardest part about the holidays is staying on track with your weight loss regimen, especially New Year’s Eve you are likely bombarded with the temptation of a cocktail. Here … Continue reading (RM3 and HCG Approved) NYE Drink Guide

Unhealthy Disguised as Healthy
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Surprisingly Unhealthy Food: Healthy Food That’s Not So Healthy

There are so many foods out there said to be “healthy” but the honest truth is that those food as anything but good for you. If you’re eating these foods as a regular snack be cautious you might be slowing your weight loss progress down. Don’t be fooled by brands and what you assume to … Continue reading Surprisingly Unhealthy Food: Healthy Food That’s Not So Healthy

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