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Dr. Kim: Why Did I Just Eat That?

It often happens like this: You were following your meal plan perfectly, then all of a sudden something changed — you finally gave into a craving for something which was not included in your meal plan. You immediately feel guilty and ask yourself: “Why did I just eat that?” We have all been there, so don’t … Continue reading Dr. Kim: Why Did I Just Eat That?

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Stress-Relieving Activities

No matter the day or time of year, stress seems to creep up into our lives chronically. Just when you sense that things are calming down, it strikes and drags you back into the endless cycle of stress and stress relief. When you’re in the “stress” portion of the cycle, it can seem like your … Continue reading Stress-Relieving Activities

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Dr. Kim: Celebrate Love Without Food! Healthy Gifts for Your Valentine

Valentine’s day is a time for giving love. However, we often celebrate our love by giving high calorie treats. Rather than tempting your loved one with chocolates and champagne this Valentine’s Day, consider a diet-friendly gift that is good for their health and waistline. Below are several gift ideas to support your Valentine’s weight loss … Continue reading Dr. Kim: Celebrate Love Without Food! Healthy Gifts for Your Valentine

ARCHIVES  Healthy & Happy  

Salad Bar Sabotage

The best part about salad, arguably, is the toppings which can accompany a classic bed of greens and turn it into a Mediterranean tour of flavors or make you feel like you’re spending a relaxing day by the pool. For the most part, salads are a fantastic way to get all kinds of healthy foods … Continue reading Salad Bar Sabotage

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