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Late Night Snacking

For some it’s a handful of chips, for others it’s a few cookies, ice cream, or popcorn. At the very worst, it can be the caloric equivalent the of an entire dinner or more: late night snacking. No matter how committed you are to your meal plan during the daytime hours, a late night snacking habit … Continue reading Late Night Snacking

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Dr. Kim’s 9 Ways To Improve Your Body Image

Body image is not what you actually look like but refers to your personal relationship and perception of your body. More specifically, body image can be defined as the subjective opinion that you have of your body when you picture yourself or actually look in the mirror. It involves your feelings, beliefs, perceptions, thoughts and … Continue reading Dr. Kim’s 9 Ways To Improve Your Body Image

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Spring Clean Your Mindset

Generally speaking, when we think of “spring cleaning” we think of our homes, cars, or even pantries. While these things are great & beneficial to get done, there’s one more thing that may need a little attention: your mindset.   As we settle into the year, our resolutions and goals may be beginning to get … Continue reading Spring Clean Your Mindset

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Appetite Control Strategies

Snacking & Overeating: The often-mindless act of eating outside of one’s meals which can easily derail goals. Whether it’s a bag of popcorn during a movie or a late-night handful of whatever cereal is easiest to grab, snacking is something that we’re all guilty of doing every once in a while. Especially while we aren’t … Continue reading Appetite Control Strategies

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Dr. Kim: Why Did I Just Eat That?

It often happens like this: You were following your meal plan perfectly, then all of a sudden something changed — you finally gave into a craving for something which was not included in your meal plan. You immediately feel guilty and ask yourself: “Why did I just eat that?” We have all been there, so don’t … Continue reading Dr. Kim: Why Did I Just Eat That?

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Stress-Relieving Activities

No matter the day or time of year, stress seems to creep up into our lives chronically. Just when you sense that things are calming down, it strikes and drags you back into the endless cycle of stress and stress relief. When you’re in the “stress” portion of the cycle, it can seem like your … Continue reading Stress-Relieving Activities

Holidays & Travel  

Dr. Kim: Celebrate Love Without Food! Healthy Gifts for Your Valentine

Valentine’s day is a time for giving love. However, we often celebrate our love by giving high calorie treats. Rather than tempting your loved one with chocolates and champagne this Valentine’s Day, consider a diet-friendly gift that is good for their health and waistline. Below are several gift ideas to support your Valentine’s weight loss … Continue reading Dr. Kim: Celebrate Love Without Food! Healthy Gifts for Your Valentine

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Salad Bar Sabotage

The best part about salad, arguably, is the toppings which can accompany a classic bed of greens and turn it into a Mediterranean tour of flavors or make you feel like you’re spending a relaxing day by the pool. For the most part, salads are a fantastic way to get all kinds of healthy foods … Continue reading Salad Bar Sabotage

5 Simple Ways to Start Today
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Dr. Kim: 5 Simple Ways to Start Today!

Now that it’s January, like most people, you may have made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight. However, research suggests that most resolutions end up in the New Years resolution graveyard within the first month or two. Getting and especially staying on track is difficult, but thankfully it is not impossible. To optimize your … Continue reading Dr. Kim: 5 Simple Ways to Start Today!

Stop Wishing and Start Doing - How to Overcome Holiday Setbacks
Motivation & Inspiration  

Dr. Kim: Stop Wishing and Start Doing! How to Overcome Holiday Setbacks

Before the holiday season, perhaps you were highly motivated and committed to living a healthy lifestyle. Beginning each day with enthusiasm and hope, you did everything you were “supposed” to do – ate clean, exercised, and overall acted according to the lifestyle that would help you achieve your goals. Then the holiday season arrived. You … Continue reading Dr. Kim: Stop Wishing and Start Doing! How to Overcome Holiday Setbacks


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